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Askern Littlemoor Infant Academy

Askern Littlemoor Infant Academy


Learning in EYFS will focus on Communication and Language, PSED and Physical needs as well as addressing gaps in language, early reading, maths, phonics and vocabulary development. The children’s learning needs in these areas will be met through activities to develop gross and fine motor skills, basic everyday skills, language and conversation skills, daily phonics, mark making and number activities.

Read Write Inc will continue to be Littlemoor's phonics programme and each child’s progress level will be communicated to parents, along with login details to the portal to enable parents to show videos appropriate to their child’s ability.

Activities which provide for real life, play-based learning that can be done as a family will help give meaning and context to the children, and in the event of a class bubble closing - or full school closure - guidance will be communicated to parents to support them in gathering observations.