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Askern Littlemoor Infant Academy

Askern Littlemoor Infant Academy




Attached below are some fun Easter maths activities.

While it is the Easter holidays please continue to encourage your child to count every day.

Can they count the peas on their plate or their toys as they tidy them away?

Can they help you to fold some washing and count how many things they have folded?

Encourage your child to look at and recognise numbers around the house, for example on remotes, on packaging or on TV.

You can re-watch Week 1 or 2 videos of the past maths lessons here:



Attached below are some fun Easter English activities.

While it is the Easter holidays please share stories with your child as often as you can and encourage them to talk about what happened in the story.

Support your child to read and to practise their keyring words.

Encourage your child to write and draw as often as possible. Support them to practise writing their name.

Play some fun phonics games to help with learning to read on this site:

Use the Oxford Owl website for free online books and activities:

Other Activities

Click on the Easter Activities attachment below to access ideas for Easter crafts and activities over the holidays.