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Askern Littlemoor Infant Academy

Askern Littlemoor Infant Academy

End of Term Letter from the Trust

I know more than ever, each member of our Trust community is looking forward to the Christmas break. It has been amazing to see the Christmas spirit alive and well across all our academies as our pupils celebrate their achievements since September. As we all know it has been a most unpredictable term this year and none of us have escaped the impact of COVID cases and the subsequent self-isolation requirements. Despite having to close ‘bubbles’ and even a whole academy for a short period, the number of cases in our school communities have been less than some of our neighbours. This is testament to the work of staff and students following the new expectations and helping to protect their families and others. One parent summed it up saying ‘you have all done an amazing job, adapting the way you teach, caring for the students and thinking about their safety’.

Despite the challenges that COVID has brought to our academies, our community have continued to think of those that may be struggling and prioritise charity work and the welfare of others. Families and staff have been instrumental in providing food hampers, shoe box provisions and other support, whilst at the same time students have received gifts from local community groups and individuals. It is at times like this that it is a privilege to work in schools and see the true kindness and positivity that even a global pandemic cannot extinguish. It would be appropriate to acknowledge the truly remarkable effort that staff have made during this term. I feel so lucky that despite having almost 300 staff, they have all made a significant contribution and again I know parents are very grateful, as epitomised by the comment in an email simply stating ‘Thank you for all you do, every single one of you!’.

During the Christmas holidays DMBC have committed to providing provision for those in receipt of Free School Meals over the holiday period. They have supplied our primary schools’ families with food hampers and Campsmount families have received vouchers. Any queries regarding the vouchers can be made through 

As a Trust it is important to promote and share our values of Pride, Ambition, Integrity and Responsibility. I am so pleased to announce a member of staff and a student from each of our academies who have been nominated as the individuals who have best demonstrated our Ambition value this half-term. A huge congratulations to them all:









Finally, what is left to do is to wish everyone involved with Leger Education Trust a ‘Truly great’ Christmas and the best of wishes for a brilliant and successful ‘New Year’.

Yours sincerely,

Adam Dale
Chief Executive Officer