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Askern Littlemoor Infant Academy

Askern Littlemoor Infant Academy

CEOP Button

CEOP stands for the Child Exploitation and Online Protection Command and is a command of the UK's National Crime Agency. The main purpose of CEOP is to protect children from sexual abuse and exploitation both online and offline. 


They have developed the CEOP Button which can be used by children, parents/ carers and others to report known or suspected child sexual exploitation or child sexual abuse directly to CEOP. Children under 11 years of age are encouraged to tell an adult they trust and ask for their help in either reporting issues to CEOP or the local police. It offers a convenient and potentially less intimidating method of reporting these sensitive types of crime, alternative to face-to-face and telephone reporting to local police forces. CEOP operates 24 hours a day for receipt of reports and all reports to CEOP are treated as reports of crime and as such anonymous reports cannot be accepted. Click the CEOP logo above to access the CEOP Button which is also available on the school's front page on the website. 


The CEOP button also provides a gateway to the CEOP Safety Centre, an area of the CEOP website which offers:

  • advice on a range of online safety issues such as hacking and cyberbullying 
  • signposting to NCA-CEOP partners offering help and support on issues outside of CEOP's remit such as ChildLine and BeatBullying