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Askern Littlemoor Infant Academy

Askern Littlemoor Infant Academy

Equality and Accessibility Objectives

Equality Statement

We are committed to the development of cohesive communities both within our school’s physical boundaries and within our local, national and global environments. Our school embraces the aim of working together with others to improve children’s educational and well-being outcomes. 

The Equality Act 2010 was introduced to ensure protection from discrimination, harassment and victimisation on the grounds of specific characteristics (referred to as protected characteristics). This means that schools cannot discriminate against pupils or treat them less favourably because of their sex (gender), race, disability, religion or belief, gender reassignment, sexual orientation, age, marital or civil partnership status or pregnancy or maternity.

 The Act introduced requires all schools to comply with the Public Sector Equality Duty and two specific duties.

 Public Sector Equality Duty requires us a school to:

1.Eliminate unlawful discrimination, harassment and victimisation                                                          2.Advance equality of opportunity between people who share a protected characteristic and those that don't                                                                                                                                                  3.Foster good relations between people who share a protected characteristic and those that don't

The Two “specific duties” requires us to:

-Publish information to show compliance with the Equality Duty

-Publish Equality Objectives at least every 4 years which are specific and measurable

The action plan and statement demonstrate these two specific duties.

We recognise that these duties reflect international human rights standards as expressed in the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child, the UN Convention on the Rights of People with Disabilities, and the Human Rights Act 1998.

Equality Statement:

Our Equality Statement is based on the principles above and aims to ensure that:

 ‘All pupils and members of staff at Askern Littlemoor Infant Academy are provided with opportunities to fulfil their potential whatever their sex, race, colour ethnic or national origin, marital status, age, sexual orientation, pregnancy, disability or religious belief. We promote a culture of inclusion and diversity in which all members of the academy community feel proud of their identity and are able to participate fully in academy life.’ 

Where it is practicable to make reasonable adjustments to enable a prospective pupil to take up a place at Askern Littlemoor Infant Academy, and to satisfy the current admission criteria, the Academy is committed to providing those reasonable adjustments. In order to do this, the Academy will ask parents/carers to provide details of any disability the child has or other conditions of which the Academy should be aware, together with any relevant paperwork.

Where a potential pupil has an Education Health Care Plan, the Academy will work with the Local Authority to ensure that the identified provision is delivered appropriately. The Academy will be sensitive to any issues of confidentiality.

Askern Littlemoor Infant Academy will not tolerate direct or in-direct discrimination, harassment or victimisation.

Our Academy has an accessible site and buildings with the following:

  • One lift to allow pupils, staff, parents and visitors access to our mezzanine level.
  • Outside play areas and grounds that are fully accessible to all.
  • Accessible toilets within all classroom areas
  • A clearly marked disabled bay in the car park.
  • A changing bed within a specially equipped toilet area
  • A ramp to ensure wheelchair access to and from our outdoor classroom
  • An emergency evacuation in place, with key pupils having Personal Evacuation Plans

To increase the extent to which all disabled pupils can participate in our curriculum, we have:

  • Informed all staff, in the form of a one-page profile, of pupils’ needs and disabilities
  • Ongoing collation of transition information in relation to pupils’ needs and disabilities.

We are committed to further improving the service and experience of pupils, staff, parents and visitors with Protected Characteristics through our Equality and Accessibility Objectives.