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Askern Littlemoor Infant Academy

Askern Littlemoor Infant Academy

Personal Development and Our Co Curriculum (Aspire)

Personal development within the curriculum is a large factor in the work of our successful school.

Alongside the delivery of a rigorous and varied academic education, producing well-rounded individuals is one of the most important aspects of a child’s education.

Within Leger Education Trust, personal development or character education is known as our Aspire Curriculum.

Character education is about important life skills children need to learn for their spiritual, moral, social and cultural (SMSC) development. 

This important part of education is all about equipping children with skills that will set them up for successful adult lives.

Clear expectations regarding behaviour, along with the delivery and implementation of character and personal development, help promote good mental wellbeing.

Key features of our Character Education Provision:

1. Clear expectations of behaviour                                                                                                         We promote consideration, respect, good manners and courtesy towards other pupils and adults and promote a range of positive character traits among pupils.

2. Our curriculum and teaching develop resilience and confidence                                                    Our ambitious curriculum teaches knowledge and cultural capital which will give them confidence in wider society. Our logically sequenced curriculum is taught using effective pedagogy so that pupils progress and grow in confidence.

3. Our extracurricular provision                                                                                                                   Our 2022-2023 extracurricular provision is increasingly wide-ranging and inclusive, offering team and individual opportunities and including a variety of activities so that all pupils can develop existing interests and explore new ones. We celebrate attendance at our extracurricular clubs.      Research states that schools who develop character well help drive equity and social mobility for their pupils.

4. Equality                                                                                                                                                      Equality is an important component of character education. We comply with the requirements of the Equality Act of 2010 in all aspects of the curriculum including the delivery of character education and co-curricular provision - ensuring all pupils are equally able to access all aspects.

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School Parliament

At Littlemoor, our School Parliament comprises of eight children from Years 1 & 2 who work together to make our community a place for young children to grow and thrive. Children have regular meetings throughout the year and are involved in a range of activities:

  • Fundraising for school
  • Working with the community
  • Litter picking in the community
  • Working with the clients of Askarne Day Centre


Sporting Opportunities and Events

At Littlemoor, we are proud of our links with Leger Sport who prepare the children for a variety  of sports competitions across the year. Some of these include:











Eco Warriors

Sustainability is becoming increasingly important to everyone as we look to protect the future of our planet.

Our Eco Warriors are children who lead on this area in school and attend Eco meetings with our Sustainability Champion, Miss Muvey. They wear their green caps with pride as they strive to make a difference.